Avoid selfies in these places

Taking a #selfiemight be your way of exercising self-identification and giving yourself a sense of an emulating experience. It might not be the pinnacle of a very artistic achievement that you could brag about, but it sure gives a deepinsight into how young people see themselves.Whether in dimly lit rooms with glowering eyes, a duck face pouted look, or a full strut in front of the dresser,#selfiesare everywhere. You often get tempted a little bit to indulge yourself in these pictures by looking at the world going gaga over selfies!You do get to express yourself in a fun way, but it gets out of control and inappropriate at times in public and private after you’ve shared them on social media networks. So make sure you follow these #selfie etiquette tips the next time you take out your phone to click yet another one of those #selfies!

1. Memorials or cemeteries and funerals       
It is very disrespectful to click #selfies in such a situation. Smiling with a gravestone in the background is not just disrespectful it is kind of creepy too. Before doing it, just ponder over how you would feel if people end up at you grave clicking pictures happily. Also you don’t have to show the worldhow saddened you were with the death of the person who’s funeral you are at by clicking a selfie there!
2. Driving 
Taking a selfie in the car’s passenger seat or back seat is still considered OK, but while driving, it is a complete no no. You might end up wrecked somewhere. You are not only putting your life in danger but the ones travelling with you too and also the ones on the road.
3. Emergency 
You don’t need to take out your phone to click a selfie at an emergency situation, rather use it to call help if needed. There are numerous photos being taken at auto accidents – whether the person was involved or not in the accident is altogether a different question. Tragic times do not call for a selfie low brow proliferation.
4. Bathroom
Seriously to click yourself in a private place where you do your business is very disgusting! A lot of people hoard up to this sacred place in a series of experimental #selfies. The most rude and disgusting thing about this is that sometimes the naïve people unknown of this impulsive act also get included inthe background.
5. At the gym
It is OK to a point when you click yourself at a gym sweating it out. What is not accepted is to include the other person struggling with weights in the background, which is totally in bad taste. Do you want to look good and feel good? Take a selfie after you leave the gym wit h the post glow of a workout.Works better.
6. Drunk
Drunk calls that you make are embarrassing enough; you don’t have to go all the way and click a #selfie when you are drunk and post it on Facebook! We know you are having a good time at a party but you sure don’t want to post your drunken selfie all over the FB or Instagram wall!
7. Naked/Partially Naked
It is not at all accepted. You don’t need to taketopless selfiesto show how sexy you are. What seems fun at the moment will be embarrassing enough coming back to haunt you years later.Throw on some clothes before you click a selfie!So there you go – follow these simple selfie rules and you’re set. Happy clicking!

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